Trent Brown hilariously zings Bill Belichick differentiating him from Jon Gruden

Bill Belichick

Oakland Raiders tackle Trent Brown made a hilarious distinction talking about what makes Jon Gruden different than Bill Belichick.

Brown, who played for Belichick last season, said the difference between the two head coaches is that “Gruden is a lot more alive,” per Levi Damien of SB Nation.

The obvious inference here is that Belichick is…not so much alive?

To be fair, Belichick has a robotic quality to him that shows up during press conferences all the time. Though, when push comes to shove and the game is on the line, he can show plenty of life.

Regardless, Brown isn’t wrong about how intense Gruden is.

Whether it’s discussing his favorite ice cream or lambasting his quarterback during a game, Gruden is on another level when it comes to being “alive.”