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Trades that could shake up top of the 2020 NFL Draft

Vincent Frank
Chase Young NFL Draft
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The 2020 NFL Draft is about to take place in Las Vegas five weeks from now. With free agency getting going in less than a week, a lot of rumors have persisted surrounding potential trades.

Could some top-end players be on the move? If so, how will this impact the annual draft? These are important questions to answer.

The idea: Certain teams are in great positions to capitalize on their excess of talent and draft picks. That will likely lead to some blockbuster trades either within the next month or during the draft itself. Let’s check in on some that would dramatically reshape the top of the draft in Vegas.

Dolphins move up to No. 2 overall with the Redskins: Miami has been pushing to add a certain former Alabama quarterback over the past calendar year-plus. It now has the opportunity to do just that.

  • Boasting the fifth pick, Miami has two additional first and second-round selections that could be used to entice what looks to be a rebuilding Redskins squad.
  • I previously focused on this from a Redskins perspective. Likely No. 2 overall pick, edge rusher Chase Young, is a great player. He’s simply not going to make a dramatic difference for a team that’s years away from contention.
  • As it relates to the Dolphins, they decide to move the fifth selection, No. 18 overall pick, a second rounder, Josh Rosen and a future second-round pick to land Tua Tagovailoa. It just makes too much sense from Miami’s perspective.
  • A move of this ilk would enable Miami to still use a first and second rounder as a way to build up key skill-position talent for Tua. The wide receiver class is absolutely stacked. Miami could also find an elite running back on Day 2.

Jaguars move up to third selection for Chase Young: By now, it’s already known that Jacksonville is looking to sell off veteran assets. It has already done so once. It’s in this that young talent is needed.

  • This is only magnified by the fact that Pro Bowl defensive end Yannick Ngakoue, an impending free agent who will have the franchise tag placed on him, has demanded a trade.
  • Jacksonville moves up from the eighth selection to No. 3 overall with Detroit for a generational edge rusher many believe is better than fellow former Ohio State star Nick Bosa, the reigning NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year.
  • For the Lions, this makes a ton of sense. They can add the above-mentioned Ngakoue in the trade, picking up the Jaguars’ second-round pick and a 2021 second-round pick to move down just five spots.
  • Detroit would then be able to team Ngakoue up with high-priced veteran Trey Flowers to create a potentially dominant pass-rush duo. It could add to the draft pick arsenal by moving Darius Slay later in the draft.

Colts make bold move for answers at quarterback: Indianapolis has neither a short-term or long-term option at quarterback after falling out of love with Jacoby Brissett.

  • This trade would entail Indy moving all the way up from 13th overall to the seventh pick with the Carolina Panthers, landing former Super Bowl MVP Cam Newton as part of the trade.
  • In turn, the Colts select former Oregon standout Justin Herbert with the seventh selection, giving them an option for both the short and long term. Two quarterbacks in one fell swoop.
  • Why would this entice Carolina? It’s rather obvious to me that first-year head coach Matt Rhule is building for the long term. He signed a seven-year contract. It’s now all about building for future seasons.
  • A move of this ilk would net Carolina both of the Colts’ second-round picks (34th and 44th overall), their third-round pick a 2021 first-round pick and the above-mentioned Brissett.
  • In the end, Carolina trades a quarterback it was already going to move while yielding just six spots in order to pick up four valuable selections and a stopgap option at quarterback. Why not?

Bottom line

These are just three of several big time trades that could shake up the top of the 2020 NFL Draft. We have seen moves of this ilk happen a ton in the past.

The idea would be for teams to get creative. Sitting back and waiting for a franchise quarterback to land on your lap has never worked. It’s all about being proactive when it comes to the most important position on the football field.

If these three moves were to come to fruition, the draft itself in Vegas would be turned upside down. Who wouldn’t be a fan of that chaos?