Tracy McGrady: NBA should cancel 2019-2020 season

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Yet another former NBA player, Tracy McGrady, is in favor of the Association calling off the remainder of the 2019-2020 season and focusing on the future.

Speaking on the subject during an appearance on ESPN’s “The Jump,” McGrady said, “As a former player, I would be in favor of calling the season off. I just think there’s too much to go into having to start the season (back) up.”

McGrady continued to elaborate on why he feels this way, noting that players don’t have the necessary facilities at their disposal right now to get back in a short amount of time.

These comments echo what Hall of Famer Charles Barkley had to say about the suspended NBA season this past week. LeBron James also opened up about the possibility that the season could be canceled recently.

For what it’s worth, NBA commissioner Adam Silver recently made it clear there is still not timeline for any return to action, noting the science will dictate when the players could potentially come back to finish up the season.