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Top NFL Draft prospect Dwayne Haskins has met with the Raiders

Vincent Frank
Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

The Oakland Raiders have reaffirmed their commitment to starting quarterback Derek Carr. In no way does that mean public comments on the situation can be taken seriously. It’s all about public relation spin at this point in the offseason.

A former member of the media, Raiders head coach and de facto Jon Gruden knows this full well. In fact, it would not be a shock to see Carr calling another NFL city home next season.

Whether it’s due diligence or something completely different, former Ohio State quarterback and likely top-five pick Dwayne Haskins noted on Friday that he has met with Oakland’s brass during the NFL Scouting Combine this week.

In addition to the Raiders, Haskins notes that he has had meetings with the Jacksonville Jaguars and New Orleans Saints. He’ll also be meeting with the New York Giants during the weekend.

Oakland is obviously the team that stands out the most here. It boasts three first-round selections in the 2019 NFL Draft, including the fourth overall pick.

For his part, Gruden has been known to fall in love with quarterbacks during the pre-draft process. His stint as an analyst at ESPN proved this to a T.

If Gruden were to fall in love with Haskins, it would not be a shock to see Oakland either hope he falls to No. 4 overall or the team move up from that slot. If so, Carr’s future in Northern California would be in question.