Top highlights from 2019 MLB All-Star Game

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After witnessing the most exciting Home Run Derby in MLB history, fans tuned in on Tuesday night to watch the game’s top stars take the field for an exciting 2019 All-Star Game.

The action offered plenty of exciting moments with some incredible performances by pitchers, some jaw-dropping defensive plays and even a few home runs that kept everyone happy. Tuesday night was about MLB showcasing its best stars and that’s exactly what we saw in Cleveland.

Here are the top highlights from the 2019 MLB All-Star Game.

Michael Brantley comes up clutch in Cleveland return

In his first game back at Progressive Field, Brantley reminded everyone in his old city about what made him an All-Star hitter. Brantley turned Clayton Kershaw’s fastball into a liner into the gap that drove in the first run of the night. After coming up clutch for years with the Cleveland Indians, the All-Star outfielder showed everyone why the city loved watching him play.

Shane Bieber puts on a show for the home crowd

It proved to be quite the night for former and current Indians players. Bieber entered the game with a one-run lead in the fifth inning and never allowed the NL to even get a taste of hope. It proved to be quite the All-Star debut for a 24-year-old who is just getting started.

Charlie Blackmon shows off the Home Run Derby power

While the All-Star Game might not have provided us with the type of firepower we saw in the Home Run Derby, Blackmon did his part to provide a souvenir for the fans on Tuesday night. Not a bad moment for a 33-year-old playing in an All-Star Game dominated by players nearly a decade younger than him.

Max Muncy and Pete Alonso combine for defensive wizardry

While fans might have come to Progressive Field to watch a high-scoring battle, they witnessed a jaw-dropping defensive play instead. Los Angeles Dodgers infielder Max Muncy made an incredible diving stop on a groundball into the outfield then unleashed a cannon from his knees. Pete Alonso completed the magnificent moment by making the grab off the throw with full extension to get the out.

Joey Gallo needs just one pitch to show off

While Gallo didn’t get to participate in the Home Run Derby this year, he showed a national audience what they can look forward to in 2020’s All-Star festivities. Gallo needed just a single pitch to put that power on display and hopefully more fans will now watch him hit bombs even further in the second half of the season.

Aroldis Chapman strikes out the side for the save

On a night when pitching mostly dominated, Chapman closed things down in the most fitting way possible. The All-Star put his fastball on display and picked up the All-Star save by striking out the side. He also probably left Boston Red Sox manager Alex Cora wishing he had someone like that in Boston’s bullpen this season.