Top college football conferences could begin season in October?

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Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

Sports fans across the country are desperate for football to return. As universities across the country start making plans to bring students back to campus in a few months, optimism is growing for a college football season in 2020. In fact, some major conferences might be willing to bring football back on their own.

While there might not be a firm timetable for the opening kickoff of the 2020 college football season, a new target date is potentially emerging for top programs.

According to MMQB’s Albert Breer, major conferences have discussed starting their season on Oct. 1 and completely eliminating non-conference games from their schedule in 2020. As part of the discussions around college football, multiple top programs in the north have asked NFL teams about playing in their domed stadiums in January or February.

Such a move would fit into the timeline of top universities announcing that students will return to school in the fall. Texas A&M and Texas Tech recently joined the University of Oklahoma and the University of Oregon in revealing plans to bring students back to campus in a few months.

It’s a critical step that could lead to college football coming back this fall. In April, the College Football Playoff Management Committee informed Vice President Mike Pence that schools would need to be open for football to return this year.

Now with the steps being taken, there is growing confidence among athletic directors that college football will be played. In fact, the University of Iowa announced practices would begin on June 1, a decision that other college programs could follow in the weeks ahead.

Given everything that is at stake for the NCAA and universities, potentially billions of dollars in revenue lost if the season is canceled, everyone is doing what they can to bring college football back quickly. Even if that means taking non-conference games off the schedule and adjusting the season, college programs are ready to do it.

While it still might be a few months away, it’s looking more promising than ever that football will be played despite the COVID-19 pandemic.