Tony the Tiger now sponsors a CFB bowl game

Ivan Pierre Aguirre-USA TODAY Sports

It’s grrrrrreat. Tony the Tiger will now be the official sponsor of the Sun Bowl during college football’s 2019 bowl season.

We’re not making this up. In fact, the Frosted Flakes pitch cat will sponsor the annual game in El Paso, Texas, this season.

A bowl season that typically features companies like Cheribundi, R+L Carriers and Cheez-It sponsoring bowl games will now have one of the world’s most famous felines pitching for viewers.

Our only question here is whether the Sun Bowl MVP will get a picture with Tony after the game. Maybe the award will be a lifetime supply of Frosted Flakes.

Then again, that might be a violation of NCAA rules. Bummers those people are.

On an unrelated note, let’s hope the Arizona Wildcats and Kentucky Wildcats are featured in the Sun Bowl this season. Because, why the heck not?