Tony Romo’s Twitter Following Pales in Comparison to that of Caitlin Jenner

By Rachel Wold

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo joined the Twitter world on May 14 and gained a fast following that now totals approximately 154,000 accounts. That’s quite the substantial following for just a couple weeks on one of the world’s most popular social networking sites.

However, Caitlin Jenner, (formerly known as Bruce Jenner), who just announced her debut on multiple social networks, has Romo beat by literally one million followers. She broke the one million follow mark after only four hours on the site.

Whether Jenner’s or Romo’s Twitter feed will be more interesting to follow remains to be seen. At this time Romo has posted only four tweets. Jenner has posted three tweets.

Recently speaking on his newly opened account, Romo had this to say (via the Dallas Morning News):

“Yeah, I’m a funny guy, what can I say? I think sometimes it’s a nice way to interact with people. I’ve always been kind of against any more communication with you (media) guys, but I think sometimes you realize over time that it can be a positive to get people to appreciate some subtle things that I think teams don’t allow and things of that nature.”

If Romo wants any chance of increasing his following to the one million mark, he’s going to have to keep us entertained with more than one tweet every week or so.

Photo: USA Today Sports