Tony Romo praises Jets rookie QB Sam Darnold

By Rachel Wold

The New York Jets look to have finally found a new face of the franchise in that of the young quarterback Sam Darnold, who they selected third overall in this year’s draft.

With some time to observe Darnold in the preseason and on tape, former Dallas Cowboys quarterback and CBS Sports commentator Tony Romo has weighed in with his opinion.

“I think he’s going to be really good,” Romo said, per Darryl Slater of “I think it’s just a matter of him going through it. He’ll have good weeks and he’ll have bad weeks. But I think you’re seeing the flashes already, and you’ll see those in the regular season as well.”

Romo did not stop there. He poured on more praise.

“When I watch him, I see a lot of God-given, instinctual ability that I think is rare. I think whether he comes out on fire or comes out average, I don’t really think it matters, to me, about his future. I think he’s going to be outstanding.”

Outstanding quarterback play is something that has been long-missing with the Jets for several seasons. Like Romo said, Darnold will have his struggles, especially while he learns as a rookie.

But, Jets fans should be excited about watching Darnold this year, provided he earns the start. All signs are pointing in that direction following a very productive preseason. Throughout three games, Darnold completed an average of 64.9 percent of his passes for 244 yards with two touchdowns and one interception.

This is not too shabby of a start to what will hopefully be a very lengthy career for Darnold.