Tony Romo is on Twitter, What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

By Vincent Frank

If I were an agent called on to represent a NFL quarterback, one of my first recommendations would be for him NOT to sign up for Twitter. As the most maligned position in football, quarterbacks tend to receive the most criticism.

Now enter into the equation the heated overreactions and epic ignorance that is bestowed upon athletes on social media, and you have a perfect storm.

Perhaps attempting to get with the new age, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo just recently joined Twitter. As the most divisive on-field quarterback in the NFL over the past half-decade plus, we can pretty much guarantee Romo’s mentions will be a hot mess.

The 11-year NFL veteran’s first tweet was simply his jersey number. It was a way to announce himself to the masses.

And the trolls already came flooding in:

Way to welcome Romo to Twitter, guys. Notice that he hasn’t tweeted since?

At the very least, one follower decided to be real with the Cowboys quarterback:

The real hope here is that Romo doesn’t read his mentions. Unlike a certain San Francisco 49ers quarterback, we have to believe this veteran won’t stoop down to the level of these trolls.

If he does, it will be hot fire on Romo’s Twitter page.

Photo: USA Today Sports