Tony Romo freaks out Cowboys brass sliding into a sign

Once the pads go on at training camp it can be nerve-racking to see a team’s starting quarterback partake in an aggressive play that sends him sliding out of bounds into a sideline obstacle.

This is exactly what happened to Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo at the team’s Blue/White Scrimmage on Sunday. Romo reportedly pursued safety Barry Church after a fumble near the goal line. The quarterback ran after Church along the sideline where he slid on his knee right into a padded stand-up advertisement sign. The sign was located along the fence where the fans gather to watch practice.

Talk about a heart-in-your throat moment. Thankfully, Romo was fine and even joked with a kid along the fence after he got up.

Not thrilled by his actions, Cowboys vice-president Stephen Jones expressed his discomfort at seeing his franchise passer take such a risk:

“It doesn’t make me comfortable,” Jones said (via The Dallas Morning News). “I don’t think it makes anybody comfortable.”

Head coach Jason Garrett was reportedly not happy about Romo’s carefree decision either.

Church, the man Romo was chasing when it happened, spoke on the play while also taking a poke at his quarterback:

“I definitely thought it was a fumble to begin with. The refs said he crossed the line before the ball got poked out,” Church said. “It was a heck of a play by Randle by jumping over the line to get into the end zone.

“I would have definitely scooped and scored. There was no way in hell Romo was going to catch me over there. It was a heck of a sequence and a good practice play.”

Church also said he didn’t feel comfortable with Romo dashing for a play alongside a fence:

“Oh no,” Church said. “We need him healthy for the whole run.”

We can all agree with Church’s statement. The Cowboys do not need their $108 million quarterback risking his health during a practice session. Fortunately for the franchise, Romo came out of the play unscathed—this time around.

Photo: USA Today Images