Green Bay Packers fan, YouTuber Tom Grossi helps raise $100K for St Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Tom Grossi
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YouTuber and Green Bay Packers fan Tom Grossi raised over $500,000 for St Jude Children’s Research Hospital last year with the help of the Grossi Posse, NFL teams and sports fans across the country. Now, the Grossi Posse has come together once again to raise money for an amazing cause thanks to another stadium tour.

Last year during his ’30 in 30′ stadium tour of all 30 NFL stadiums in 30 days, Grossi and the Grossi Posse helped raise over $500,000 for St Jude. Following the tour, Grosse teased the possibility of an international stadium tour and he announced it officially on May 28 of this year. In just a matter of days, NFL fans have shown their readiness to really around a great cause.

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The 2023 NFL Fan of the Year planned to go to 7 stadiums across 5 countries in 10 days while setting up various tasks he would have to do if certain fundraiser goals were hit. Unsurprisingly, the Grossi Posse made sure those marks were reached.

  • Tom Grossi fundraiser; $600,000 raised for St Judes Research Hospital since 2023

Grossi’s donation incentives included a climb and drop from the top of Tottenham Stadium in London ($20,000), drinking from a boot in Germany ($40,000), participating in a flamenco dance class in Spain ($60,000) and taking a lucha libre wrestling class in Mexico ($80,000). On Friday, the fundraiser was on the verge of crossing the $100,000 mark which means Grossi will have to score a goal in a pickup soccer game in Brazil. He’s poised to reach it by Friday night.

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What makes this tour and Posse’s efforts to help raise so much money for St Judes is the fact that he’s had the misfortune of getting sick on each stadium series. Most recently, he woke up with food poisoning and still followed through on lucho libre wrestling.

By the end of the tour, Grossi and his fans will have raised over $600,000 for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital over the last year. This total doesn’t include the other charities and causes the Grossi Posse have supported in recent years, which is approaching $1 million. If the fundraiser reaches $185,570 by the time he returns home, equaling $1 million total raised for various charities, Grossi will do a 24-hour live fundraising stream.

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While Grossi can’t win NFL Fan of the Year again, he’s proven to be both one of the best content creators on YouTube and one of the most compassionate and creative fans in the NFL. With Green Bay set to host the 2025 NFL Draft, it’s pretty obvious who should be announcing one of the Packers’ draft picks next year. We also can’t wait to see what else Grossi does to raise money to help people in need.

The direct link to donate is linked on each of Grossi’s YouTube videos.

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