Tom Brady’s underinflated performance still impressed his fans

By Rachel Wold

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady went one-and-done in his brief appearance during Thursday’s preseason opener against the Green Bay Packers.

Playing in front of his home crowd, Brady only completed one of his four passes for a measly 10 yards, which resulted in a 39.6 percent passer rating.

To the general public, Brady was incredibly underwhelming as he underthrew wideout Josh Boyce and tossed an incomplete pass to tight end Michael Hoomanawanui. However, the Gillette Stadium crowd roared for him just as loudly when he exited as they did when he entered the stadium.

It pretty much doesn’t matter how Brady plays or what he says or doesn’t admit to, because the four-time champion’s fans will continue to support him.

Note the thousands of “likes” Brady’s Facebook post garnered when he announced that he would be playing Thursday night.

Brady FB post preseason Capture

Obviously, Brady’s fluky series of bad passes is nothing to worry about. It was only the first game of the preseason.

But just imagine if that had happened to Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel or Washington Redskins Robert Griffin III, though. Unlike Brady, they would never hear the end of it from their fans.