Tom Brady to Pursue Acting Career When He Retires?

At the age of 37, New England Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady knows he cannot play football forever. Therefore, reports are surfacing that the quarterback is considering branching out into the field of acting once the sun sets on his NFL career in New England.

A source reported the following to Star magazine:

He’s used to being a superstar. After winning the Super Bowl again, he’s thinking about new challenges outside of football.

The only problem with Brady’s potential acting plans is that his super model wife Gisele Bundchen, 34, reportedly does not like the idea of him working closely with female actors.

If somehow the two can get past that issue, Brady would begin his acting career with already two major movies on his resume—Ted 2 and Entourage—set be released sometime soon.

Mark Wahlberg spoke confidently about Brady’s acting skills following the quarterback’s appearance on Ted 2:

He did a great job, really funny. So, I got him in two movies.

With Marky Mark already in Brady’s corner, the future Hall of Famer may have an in when it comes to the acting community.

Let’s just hope he refrains from something like this in the future…

That wouldn’t be good for anyone involved.

Photo: grandesmensagens.com