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Tom Brady shows support for Antonio Brown with simple tweet

Jesse Reed
Tom Brady
Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

There’s been plenty of chatter that Tom Brady wishes he could have continued playing with Antonio Brown last year. With one single emoji, he made it clear Friday that, at the very least, he has Brown’s back.

Brown shared a message on Twitter Friday morning, writing, “Anger and ego kicked my a** for about 6 months I forgot about hard work and grace has success took a shot yet!”

On Friday evening, Brady shared that message from his account with a quote-tweet that featured one single heart emoji.

Because Brady is so influential, this message may be more than a simple show of support. He might be signalling to teams interested in his services that he wouldn’t be opposed to playing with Brown once more. After all, numerous reports emerged last year that he was upset with the New England Patriots for cutting Brown following allegations from two women of sexual misconduct.

As for Brown, he’s recently made it known that he will take responsibility for his actions.

The NFL is still investigating the allegations. There’s an understanding around the league, thanks to a statement by the NFL, that he could be placed on the commissioner’s exempt list if he is signed while the investigation is still ongoing.