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$518,000 sale of ‘final’ Tom Brady touchdown ball nullified

Matt Johnson

The NFL fan who spent $518,000 on the game ball used for quarterback Tom Brady‘s “final” touchdown pass, only to see him unretire, is breathing easier after the sale was nullified on Thursday.

Brady, age 44, retired on Feb. 1, and seemingly called it quits after an MVP-caliber season. It meant his final touchdown pass, a 55-yard bomb to Mike Evans with 3:20 left in the fourth quarter of the Divisional Round, would be the last in his historic career.

As Brady enjoyed retirement, the piece of NFL history went up for auction. Following an intense bidding war through Leland Auctions, the winning bid came in at $518,000. Not even 24 hours after the sale was announced, Brady announced his return.

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Fortunately for the person who bought the football, they will be getting their money back. On Thursday, Leland Auctions announced the sale was voided with the buyer, auction house and consigner agreeing to wipe out the sale.

“We wanted to do the right thing here. It’s the most unique situation that we’ll probably ever encounter in our lifetimes — at least when it comes to sports memorabilia. We’re still not to the end of the book yet; we’ve written a chapter.”

Leland Auctions president Mike Heffner on the decision to void $518,000 sale of Tom Brady’s touchdown ball, via ESPN

The parties reportedly wait to void the sale until it became clear that Brady wouldn’t change his mind again. With the star quarterback already preparing for the 2022 NFL season, it’s evident he is focused on winning another Super Bowl.

Unfortunately, there is one person who comes out on the losing end of this. The fan who got the touchdown ball is now out on $518,000 he would have received. While the football is technically famous, it’s probably not going to be worth a whole lot. However, per Mike Heffner, multiple bidders still want it so not all is lost for the original owner.

Brady’s future beyond the 2022 season is uncertain. Given his recent history and the rumors linking him to the Miami Dolphins, we’d advise anyone bidding on his ‘last’ touchdown ball this season.

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