Tom Brady Deflects Deflategate Question at Salem State Speaker Series

Tom Brady’s not ready to talk about Deflategate.

Speaking at a Salem State Speaker Series event on Thursday night, Brady deflected questions about his involvement in the scandal:

I don’t really have any reaction. Our owner commented on it yesterday,” Brady said. “It’s only been 30 hours, so I haven’t had much time to digest it fully, but when I do I’ll let you know.”

The New England Patriots quarterback was implicated in Ted Wells’ report, which showed Brady probably knew footballs were being doctored by team employees. As a result of the investigation’s findings, the four-time Super Bowl champ could be facing disciplinary actions, which may be decided soon.

The appearance on Thursday night was one that was scheduled months in advance, and it’s not surprising Brady didn’t want to talk about the scandal:

Brady didn’t hesitate to make a controversial statement, however:

That’s one man’s opinion.

No doubt, many will take issue.

Brady may have lied and cheated. The scope and scale of those actions may not seem overlarge to some, but they most certainly could mar the career of one of the NFL’s most accomplished quarterbacks.

There’s no doubt at all that the 2014 New England Patriots will always have their Super Bowl run seen with a gigantic asterisk. If that doesn’t bother Brady, perhaps a suspension might help get the point across.