Tom Brady ‘Dancing’ at Patriots Super Bowl Ring Party

By Vincent Frank

The New England Patriots received their Super Bowl rings at a party on Sunday night. For quarterback Tom Brady, he’s one ring away from being able to fill up a whole hand.

AndĀ this particular ring might be the best of the bunch:

While Brady and his teammates looked darn good with their new jewelry, he might want to stick with football (or acting) after trying out some dance moves during the party.

To warn you, this is hard to watch:

No, it doesn’t look likeĀ Brady has a future on Dancing with the Stars. That’s pretty much out of the question here.

To be honest, Brady looked like me during my first school dance. He was all sorts of awkward, and had no idea what to do on the dance floor.

Maybe it’s time for Gisele to give him some dance lessons.

Photo: USA Today Sports