Todd Bowles on Jets vs. Giants: ‘I don’t think it’s a rivalry’

Todd Bowles

Once every four years, the New York Jets and New York Giants battle for supremacy in the state.

Due to the absence of a regular meeting, though, Jets coach Todd Bowles doesn’t consider the matchup a rivalry. Per ESPN’s Rich Cimini, Bowles said:

“No, I don’t think it’s a rivalry because you don’t play them as much. They’re not in the same division. You only play them once every [four] years. The fact that we’re in the same city, same stadium makes it very interesting for the fan base, but other than that, no.”

Bowles has a tremendous point, though it’s not worth arguing whether or not the showdown is truly a rivalry. There’s reasonable defenses on both sides of the potential debate.

Since the series started in 1970, the Giants and Jets have only played 12 times. The Giants hold an 8-4 advantage and have won five consecutive tilts, but a 12-game history certainly isn’t much of one.

On the other hand, the teams share “New York” as the location and a stadium. That has to count for something. For example, the Yankees and Mets don’t play each other every year, but the pair of Major League Baseball franchises are still considered rivals.

No matter which side you’re on about the Giants-Jets showdown is perfectly justified. Fans and analysts don’t have to be the judge of determining when a clash between two certain teams is a rivalry.

Sorry for not embracing debate. You don’t have to, either.