Titans and Rams discussed trade in secret bathroom breaks

By Rachel Wold

Instead of simply picking up the phone to discuss a trade with the Tennessee Titans, Los Angeles Rams general manager Les Snead revealed discussions took place in secret bathroom breaks, according to Myles Simmons of the Ram’s official website.

Talks occurred when both teams were at the NFL Scouting Combine. Per the report, Snead’s and Titans general manager Jon Robinson’s suites were situated near each other making it convenient to “head to the restroom” together.

“It was easy for Jon and I to sneak out the back of the suite there, and act like we were going to the restroom, and then chat about the pick,” Snead said.”

And we thought only women went in pairs to the restroom.

Other discussions between the Rams and the top five teams took place, though it doesn’t appear the restroom was used as a conference central according to the report.

“I did talk to people in the top five, but they’re good buddies of mine, so … on the long commute here [to Oxnard], I’ve got to have something to do,” Snead said. “But I think we focused in on [No.] 1, because you didn’t know what was going to happen at [No.] 2. And, hey, if you want something, go get it.”

Go big or go home was the Rams’ goal, and now they have the opportunity to take their favorite player in the draft. Many reports speculate it will be California quarterback Jared Goff. That said, the team is hosting Carson Wentz “for a few days” right now, suggesting things might not be as “sure” regarding Goff as was reported.

In order to move up to No. 1, the Rams ponied up quite a bounty, giving up both of their 2016 second round picks as well as their third-rounder. Furthermore the Rams gave the Titans their first- and third-round picks in 2017.

This means the Rams won’t pick again in this year’s draft until the fourth round. With many areas beyond quarterback needing some TLC, the Rams are one of this year’s NFL teams that must ace the draft.

Hopefully, those secret potty breaks will pay off.