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Tim Tebow’s St. Luice Mets set single-season attendance record

Michael Dixon
Tim Tebow

If we can say one thing about Tim Tebow, the guy is a draw. The St. Lucie Mets announced on Friday evening that they’ve set a single-season attendance record.

It’s important to remember a few things here. One, Tebow was not even promoted to St. Lucie until June. Two, after Saturday, St. Lucie will still have 12 home games remaining on its schedule to pad the record.

It’s certainly hard to argue that Tebow hasn’t been the man driving fans to the park.

Tebow has also played well for St. Lucie. He’s made big big plays both at the plate and in the outfield.

The prospect is hitting .273 with five homers, 22 RBI and an .808 OPS since being called up to St. Lucie.