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Tim Tebow praises Sam Darnold: ‘One of the most talented’ young NFL QBs

Jesse Reed
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Tim Tebow is getting ready for another baseball season but still has his finger on the pulse of the NFL, and on Sunday he praised fellow New York athlete, Jets quarterback Sam Darnold.

Speaking with media, Tebow called Darnold, “super talented,” and added he is “one of the most talented young quarterbacks in the league.”

Tebow also hinted that Jets fans have yet to see how good Darnold can be, noting how much momentum and growth will factor into his development.

“I think playing with confidence is one of the biggest parts of the game for a quarterback, and it’s hard sometimes,” Tebow noted.

Tebow also said that Darnold has to get into a rhythm and develop confidence so that his teammates can come to believe he’s “the guy” to lead the franchise into the future.

During his first two seasons as a pro, the former USC quarterback has certainly shown why the Jets loved him so much. Some of the throws he makes are absolutely elite (like this), and overall, talent is not a question. Unfortunately, the thing most may remember from Darnold’s second NFL campaign is that he was “seeing ghosts” and struggled with turnovers.

The big question we have about Darnold is whether he and the hard-to-work-with coach Adam Gase can get on the same page. The 2020 season will be pivotal for them both.