Tim Tebow Could Be a Significant Contributor In Chip Kelly’s Offense

By Jesse Reed
Courtesy of USA Today Images

Tim Tebow could have a prominent role for Chip Kelly’s Philadelphia Eagles in 2015.

No, this isn’t a joke, nor have you been transported back to the future. This is really a real thing. Tebow really could be an impact player for Kelly.

This year.

Consider this, from Tim McManus of Phillymag.com, who was asked if Tebow is really part of Kelly’s plan:

“It’s looking more and more like a possibility.”

“I found it interesting that Ed Marynowitz didn’t dismiss the idea when asked if the Tim Tebow signing was related to the potential point-after-touchdown rule changes. Since then it’s been revealed that the Eagles are being proactive in that process, proposing the two-point try be moved to the one-yard line.”

The vote for this proposal takes place next week in San Francisco when the owners will reconvene to continue their annual meetings, as McManus mentioned.

The former Heisman winner will likely make Philadelphia’s roster, regardless of the vote. His competition for the No. 3 quarterback spot right now is Matt Barkley—a weak-armed quarterback whose upside is about as impressive as that of a soggy potato chip.

And while Tebow has never been an impressive passer, he has worked tirelessly to improve his craft. Marynowitz, the Eagles new vice president of player personnel, spoke about Tebow’s development as a passer and was positive in his evaluation, per CSN Philadelphia:

“We saw a player that had improved from the last time that we saw him live, which was when he was here with New England… We’ve got 68 players that are on our football team right now. Tim is one of them.”

“He’ll have an opportunity to compete for a roster spot and his role will be determined by his performance,” Marynowitz said. “I think it’s as simple as that. We’re bringing in a guy who can compete, and we look forward to that.”

Given his history as a downright horrible practice player, it seems unlikely that Tebow will wow Kelly and the Eagles brass with his exploits in training camp. But if Kelly has designs on pushing the envelope offensively and does elect to run out a two-point conversion squad more often than not, then Tebow is going to be a lock as the team’s third quarterback.

Remember, this isn’t the first time Kelly has been linked to going crazy with two-point conversions. Back in 2013 he made it clear he would go for two any time he felt the matchups were in his favor. His dream never did come into fruition, but with Tebow in his back pocket, the matchups would favor the Eagles more often than not.

Everybody who has watched Tebow throughout the years understands he is a force to be reckoned with in the power-running game. Essentially he’s a fullback who can also throw touchdown passes if the defense bites on the run.

Kelly can stretch defenses at the goal line by lining up multiple receivers outside, and Tebow is adept at making the right call—to run or to throw—when it matters in the heat of battle. Even if the league doesn’t pass the proposed rule change to move the ball to the one-yard line, Tebow’s effectiveness in this capacity will remain the same.

Given the way Kelly has abandoned all traditional methods in just about every other aspect of the game, nobody should be surprised if he rolls Tebow and the two-point conversion package onto the field after most touchdowns.

During his tenure at Oregon, the Ducks went for two a large portion of the time. With Tebow in the fold, we should expect the Eagles to revive this trend.

Photo: USA Today Sports