Tigers’ Miguel Cabrera upset Aaron Judge wasn’t suspended for brawl

Miguel Cabrerra Detroit Tigers
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Detroit Tigers first baseman Miguel Cabrera was unhappy about the suspensions, and lack thereof, handed down after Detroit’s brawl with the New York Yankees on Thursday. Cabrera got seven games, the most of any player, while catchers Gary Sanchez and Austin Romine were the only two Yankees suspended — getting four and two games apiece. Other players were fined instead.

Star Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge was not impacted, much to Cabrera’s chagrin.

“‘My point is, why are they not saying anything about Judge? He tried to hit me, go after me on the floor,’ Cabrera said, according to MLive. ‘They didn’t suspend him. There was a lot of people going after me and they didn’t get a suspension. (Judge) is going to get away (with it)? And the pitcher who threw at me, he’s going to get away (with it) too, with no suspension? That’s bull.'”

It’s natural for Cabrera to be angry after such an incident. While he’s appealing his seven-game ban, the suspension will almost certainly be upheld. Moreover, the future Hall of Famer likely felt justified in his response to Yankee pitcher Tommy Kahnle throwing behind him. Kahnle was only fined, to which Cabrera also took exception.

“‘The guy (Kahnle) who threw at me? He said, ‘No, it was an inside pitch.’ Come on. Say the truth. Why not say the truth? I think that’s bull.”

The Tigers are out of the race, so Cabrera’s suspension may not mean much in the end. However, the light punishments given to the Yankees could impact the pennant race in their favor.