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Tiger Woods’ ex-girlfriend claims his lawyer handled dirty work of couple’s breakup

Tiger Woods’s ex-girlfriend Erica Herman claims in court documents that when it came time to do the difficult work of their breakup, the golf legend let his lawyer handle it.

For years, golf icon Tiger Woods seemed to have a charmed career and life. He was on top of the world as one of the planet’s most famous and successful professional athletes. However, things have been very different for him on both fronts over the last decade.

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He went through an ugly divorce and reportedly had to pay up to nine figures to ex-wife Elin Nordegren. Then his career hit a new low when a nasty car crash a few years ago seemingly brought an end to him physically being up to the task of competing at a consistently relevant level in the sport any longer.

Well, the tough times for Tiger Woods are still ongoing as he is in the midst of a $30 million lawsuit with former love interest Erica Herman. And there are some interesting tidbits about the end of that relationship that have been revealed in new court documents.

Tiger Woods major wins: 15 majors

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In documents filed on Friday, Herman claims that she and the winner of 15 majors actually began a sexual relationship while she was employed by him, and then he threatened to fire her if she did not sign a nondisclosure agreement. Herman’s attempt to void that contract is at the heart of the ongoing suit.

One of the more bizarre details filed last week from Herman and her lawyers was how their relationship came to an end. Tiger Woods’ ex claims that she found out that their love affair was officially over in October, after being falsely told to meet Woods at a Florida airport for a weekend trip, and then being informed by his lawyer that the 47-year-old was no longer interested in seeing her.

Tiger Woods’ lawyer J.B. Murray reportedly also was the one who did the dirty work of evicting Herman from the former couple’s $54 million Palm Beach home.

Herman, 39, managed Woods’ Florida restaurant before and during the early years of their relationship. Her lawyers argue the nondisclosure agreement is unenforceable under a new federal law that claims such agreements can be voided when sexual abuse or harassment occurs. Her attorney Benjamin Hodas says that Tiger Woods’ alleged threat to fire her was harassment.