Thousands of Rams fans storm joint practice with Cowboys in Oxnard, CA

By Rachel Wold

The Dallas Cowboys and St. Louis Rams held a joint practice Monday in Oxnard, California and fans flocked to the open event. Reportedly, there were approximately 5,400 Rams fans attending.

Apparently, there is still a huge Rams fan base in southern California left over from when the franchise used to play in Los Angeles in 1994. This was obviously the perfect opportunity to show their support with the hope to of swaying the league’s owners into allowing the team to relocate to the Los Angeles area.

Speaking on the reality of the situation was tight end Jared Cook:

They told us there were going to be a lot,” Rams tight end Jared Cook told The St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “But I wasn’t really expecting that many. With the Rams, this used to be their home city. I wasn’t expecting to see that many people. It was pretty cool.”

There was, of course, a smattering of protesters. They either want to keep their team in St. Louis, or are possibly anti-fans who do not want to see the Rams in Los Angeles.

Either way, the bigger story here is the overwhelming support the Rams still have in L.A.

Additionally, it must have been pretty awesome for the players to practice and play in front of so many fans.