There’s a Josh Allen conspiracy theory floating around

Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The timing could hardly be worse for Josh Allen, who needed to apologize after someone dug up racially insensitive tweets posted when he was in high school. And some NFL people are breaking out the tin-foil hats.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, two people have suggested it happened because a team attempted to decrease Allen’s draft stock in hopes of landing the Wyoming quarterback.

Well, if you hadn’t filled out your draft bingo card already, “potential conspiracy theory” should probably wrap that up.

The situation has been compared to Laremy Tunsil, the now-Miami Dolphins lineman who could’ve been selected in the top five. However, he dropped to No. 13 in the 2016 draft when a picture of him wearing a gas mask and smoking was posted.

Allen — who might plummet because he’s actually not very good — may have some uncomfortable questions to answer soon. But it might be after getting picked by a franchise that intentionally undermined him because it actually wanted him.

Oh, the drama of the draft!