The best MLB ballpark food we’re missing these days

By Vincent Frank

The masses can still have food delivered during these strange days of quarantine and social distancing. Even then, it’s not the same thing. Those of us who enjoy a good MLB game also enjoy a good treat at said game.

This has been taken to a new level in recent seasons with MLB teams serving food that would normally only be served at state fairs. And they are so darn good. With the baseball season still under suspension, I figured it made sense to tease you all by looking at the some of the best ballpark food we’re missing these days.

Arizona Diamondbacks, Chase Field (Asada dog)

Now, this is just unfair with the MLB season currently in suspension, how can we tease you more than we already have? Well, try the most basic of baseball cuisine and add a latin feel to it. The D’Backs have done this in more ways than one.

We’re talking about an all-beef hot dog topped with carne asada meat inside a french roll. To make this even more mouth-watering, they have recently included french fries, queso blanco, salsa and guac. With an exception of the rare coronary, this is living the best life.

New York Mets, Citi Field (Filet mignon sandwich)

It does not get any better than this. While watching the Mets disappoint Jerry Seinfeld once again, why not scarf down on a filet mignon sandwich from Pat LaFrieda of Magician of Meat. It really is something to behold, enjoy, savor and dream about.

The steak is chopped right off the griddle (100% fresh). It is served on a toasted New York-based baguette and includes Monterey jack cheese, sauteed onions and au jus sauce. That’s about as amazing as it gets.

Seattle Mariners, Safeco Field (Oaxacan chapulines)

When this took hold a couple years back, most people were turned off. Fried grasshoppers with zesty citrus seasoning. What could possibly be right about this? That’s until the delicacy sold in its first season in the Pacific Northwest. From people I have talked to, it is absolutely amazing. It doesn’t look half bad, either.

Try something new. You might like it. Seattle, much like its sister city of San Francisco, has found away to add to the baseball experience. Oaxacan chapulines is just the latest example.

Minnesota Twins, Target Field (Indian burrito)

Minneapolis has been known in recent years for its food trucks. Every possible ethnic cuisine you could think of. Craft cuisines. Food that hedges around the bounds of the traditional. The Twins are no different at their newish venue of Target Field.

One of the city’s best food trucks, Hot Indian Foods brought the traditional Mexican burrito to life at this venue with a mouth-watering Indian burrito. You can choose a house-made roti with lamb, spinach paneer or chicken tikka masala as the protein. To top it off, go with one of five chutneys and hi-slaw. So amazing.

Philadelphia Phillies, Citizens Bank Park (Cheesecake nachos)

Combine two of the greatest thing in creation and have a party in your mouth. That’s what the Philadelphia Phillies have had planned for fans over the past several years. It’s not a joke. It could be a heart attack waiting to happen. But it’s worth the risk.

Philadelphia cheesecake straight out of Philly. Shredded cheese and cheez-wiz. Nachos. Golden tortilla chips. All beef toppings with onions and bell peppers. The possibilities are endless. And by the end of this excursion, you’ll have a happy ending in the mouth.

Detroit Tigers, Comerica Park (Detroit Dog)

You can never have enough meat. It’s also all about the beef. The Detroit Tigers took those two slogans to a new level recently with the debut of the Detroit dog at their games. It’s a combination of the classic beef hot dog with some amazing fixings.

We’re talking about a 12-inch dog in brisket chili topped with habanero queso and sauteed green onions. It has spice. It has the taste. And it will be leaving you feeling full despite the Tigers’ lack of recent on-field success.

Colorado Rockies, Coors Field (Rockies corned beef sandwich)

If you want some beef and are looking to avoid the traditional hot dog or hamburger, this option is it for you. It obviously comes served on rye and is topped with coleslaw. For an extra kick, friend onions add another layer to the Irish classic. This is a way to explore the well-known Rocky Mountain corned beef franchise and take some home for warm ups. It is absolutely huge.

Miami Marlins, Marlins Park (Miami tex-mex taco dog)

Could we ask for more? Taco hot dogs. The best of both worlds mixed into this infused-plate in South Florida. We’re talking about a chargrilled all-beef foot long smothered in chili, jack cheese, cilantro, cabbage, jalapeno lime aioli and salsa. It’s all wrapped in a flour tortilla. This is some next-level stuff right here.

Milwaukee Brewers, Miller Park (Ham Dinger)

There’s so many food options to choose from when attending a sporting event in Wisconsin. Sausage and cheese come to mind first. But I am going to go in a different direction here. We all already know that doughnuts are being used for sandwiches. The Brew Crew are taking this to a whole new level with pulled pork stuffed inside the sweet treat. There’s not much more to say about this. Just look at the drool-worthy photo above.

Houston Astros, Minute Maid Park (Brisket loaded baked potato)

Mouth watering. Absolutely ideal for those who are not watching their carbs. Brisket loaded baked potato. This is next-level thinking from the reigning AL West champions. It is topped with three quarters of a cup of barbecue sauce, cheese, green onion and sour cream. Enjoy!

Houston Astros, Minute Maid Park (Chipotle pescado)

Texas just does it better. Texas does it bigger. This is yet another example of that. We’re talking about coffee rubbed salmon, mango jalapeno and chipotle aioli. Sure you might want to hit up one of the several barbecue joints at Minute Maid Park, but this is not your normal baseball fare. That’s for sure.

Chicago Cubs, Wrigley Field (Deep dish pizza)

Chicago and deep dish pizza. What could possibly go wrong? Absolutely nothing. The historic Giordano’s (pizza you can get frozen in stores) serves up this Chicago favorite to the masses. They offer four famous pizzas by the slice or as a personal pan. Don’t expect to eat the whole thing in a three-hour sitting. Take some home. Wash it down with some famous Chicago beer to put a cap on this.

New York Yankees, Yankee Stadium (chicken and meatball parm)

Rich Torrisi and Mario Carbone bring their world favorite meatball parm to Yankee Stadium. It is one heck of a sandwich for just $14.00. Pink patties of veal, beef and italian sausage. A seeded roll with tomato sauce and mozzarella tops off this dandy. Yankees fans love their team, but this has become a tradition in the Bronx. No wonder why.

San Francisco Giants, Oracle Park (Crazy crab presses)

You want a Bay Area fixture? Look no further than the San Francisco waterfront, the home of MLB’s Giants. This semi-new venue is one heck of a scene and has been for some time. But it’s the food that stands about much more than this scenery.

Head do to the Centerfield Warf for a Crazy crab press. This combines several San Francisco influences, such as Dungeness Crab inside slices of sourdough bread and toasted to perfection. You’ll pay a pretty penny. But it’s so darn worth it.