Texans player donates hundreds of meals to COVID-19 first responders

Jon Weeks texans
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The one positive that could come from the entire COVID-19 pandemic plaguing the world is a renewed respect for first responders. From nurses and doctors putting their lives on the line to local authorities keeping the peace, it really has been something to behold.

As the United States prepares for a dramatic increase in cases and deaths from the virus, communities across the country are doing what they can to help those on the front line.

That now includes Houston Texans long snapper Jon Weeks and his adorable daughter. The two donated hundreds of meals from Whataburger to help feed those battling the invisible enemy.

“Thank you for everything that you guys are doing,” Weeks said. “Thank you for being there on the front lines making the ultimate sacrifice to protect us to make sure that we’re safe.”

It’s just a continuation of the sports world doing its part as the real heroes attempt to save as many lives as possible while risking their own well-being.

Weeks, 34, has been the Texans’ long snapper since 2010. He played college ball with Baylor in Waco. #TexasStrong definitely means something to him.

Job well done, Mr. Weeks.