Terry Bradshaw blasts Gisele Bundchen for outing Tom Brady

Terry Bradshaw, Tom Brady

Terry Bradshaw had some interesting things to say about Gisele Bundchen. She instigated somewhat of a firestorm Wednesday with comments about Tom Brady having suffered a concussion in 2016.

Though, when we say “interesting,” we’re not suggesting that Bradshaw’s comments were awesome. In fact, they pretty much stink to high heaven.

TMZ Sports caught up with Bradshaw, who was with his wife, Tammy.

“My wife would never say that,” Bradshaw said. “I would imagine someone’s having a talk with somebody.

“I don’t know why she would say that,” Bradshaw added … while explaining that when it comes to private health matters, it’s not up to the spouse to share that information with the world.

“That’s my wife right there and she’d never say a word,” Terry said pointing to Tammy.

Pointing the finger at Bundchen for saying something about her husband having suffered brain trauma is pretty much the exact wrong thing for Bradshaw to have done. If anything, he should be wondering why, if Brady’s wife knew he had a concussion, the NFL, NFLPA and Patriots apparently knew nothing about it.

The league is currently investigating Bundchen’s claim, with its initial probe turning up absolutely zilch (more on that here).

What this means is that either Brady withheld his symptoms from the team and its doctors, or the team and its doctors helped cover up the fact that Brady was at one point concussed.

Bradshaw comes from the old school. The same old school that has seen many of its graduates suffer from intense emotional, physical and mental anguish due to CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy). In fact, a recent study showed an absurdly high amount of deceased former NFL players suffered from CTE.

So while Bradshaw might think that Bundchen did something wrong by saying Brady had a concussion last year, we’re more inclined to think she did something right.