Terrell Owens thinks Cowboys don’t believe in Dak Prescott, should sign Tom Brady

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Former Dallas Cowboys star Terrell Owens made some eyebrow-raising comments about Tom Brady and Dak Prescott in a radio appearance.

Quite simply, Owens believes the Cowboys need to sign Brady in free agency because he thinks team owner Jerry Jones isn’t sold on Prescott.

“They have a quarterback that’s a free agent in Tom Brady,” Owens said in an appearance with 95.7 The Game “That’s the next move.”

Owens said the reason he believes Jones isn’t sold on Prescott because of the contract situation going on between the quarterback and the Cowboys.

“He hasn’t extended Dak’s contract,” Owens said of Jerry Jones. “So, that leads me to believe he truly doesn’t believe in Dak. If he had, then I think he would have already got a contract extension.”

It’s worth pointing out that reports indicate Prescott will be secured via the franchise tag this offseason while he and the Cowboys continue to try and pound out a long-term extension. That being said, given the other options out there this coming spring in free agency, one wonders if the Cowboys could potentially be looking elsewhere.

Prescott is clearly a rising star, and the Cowboys have never given any indication they’re interested in courting other quarterbacks, however. This past season, the quarterback was not the reason Dallas missed the playoffs, and it seems like new head coach Mike McCarthy would rather develop Prescott than bring in a grizzled veteran at the end of his career.

That being said, Brady is by no means a sure bet to return to the Patriots in 2020, and he’s already made it clear he wants to keep playing. So anything is possible.