Terrell Owens lost a bunch of his personal memorabilia in storage unit auction

By Jesse Reed

NFL Hall of Fame wide receiver Terrell Owens is trying to get back a bunch of his own memorabilia after a storage unit in Atlanta that he owned was auctioned off.

TMZ Sports has the exclusive details on this, noting the storage unit was auctioned off after Owens stopped making payments on his account.

“The stuff is really cool — a custom bust of TO, old playbooks, autographed helmets, cleats, and even a copy of an NDA that we’re assuming the NFLer gave to people at parties.”

Per TMZ, Owens didn’t realize his unit was being auctioned off, and he’s upset he never was informed his things were being auctioned off. Not surprisingly he’s working to get his memorabilia back.

Thankfully, the man who purchased the unit, and all its contents, told TMZ he is more than willing to reunite Owens with his things. Though, one has to imagine it might be a bit more expensive than what Owens would have had to pay to keep it in the fold in the first place.