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Terrell Owens blasts Jason Garrett after playoff loss

Vincent Frank
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

The objective mind in us will conclude that Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett struggled to even remain in the same universe as Los Angeles Rams head man Sean McVay Saturday night.

In a game that was pretty much dominated by Los Angeles from the start, the Rams handed Garrett’s Cowboys a 30-22 loss.

The backstory here was real. McVay outcoached Garrett at every turn. The new breed against the old guard.

In talking about the game after his former Cowboys team was eliminated, the always boisterous Terrell Owens — a Hall of Famer — absolutely blasted Garrett and his tenure in Big D.

Owens isn’t wrong here. Garrett took over the head-coaching role for “America’s Team” Back in 2010. He’s won two playoff games in nine seasons.

The contrast between what McVay brings to the table compared to Garrett was real Saturday night.

Whether it’s the head coach bungling in-game decisions or something else, this staff did not help Dallas come out on top against a superior Rams team on the road.

That’s the truth. Owens speaks it. We listen. And we agree.