Ex-NFL player Terrance Knighton unloads on NFL-NBA pay discrepancy

As NBA players continue to sign gargantuan contracts that are fully guaranteed, NFL players — current and former — are taking note. Specifically in this case, former NFL defensive tackle Terrance Knighton had a lot to say about NFL contracts compared to the ones being signed in the NBA.

Taking to Twitter Saturday night, Knighton unloaded with a barrage of tweets on this subject.

There were plenty more where that came from as well. And Knighton also made sure to let his followers know he’s not mad at NBA players for hauling in record-breaking contracts (like this one). Instead, he thinks NFL players should be making a lot more.

And he has a pretty compelling reason for thinking this way.

The biggest issue is that the NFL owners have players over a barrel in a way. NFL careers are very short on average compared to NBA players. And the way things are done won’t likely change without players being willing to strike and miss out on game checks.

So while some of the top players might be willing to do that, there are far more for whom missing out on any money at all could be the difference between having a chance to get set for life and struggling after spending just a few years in the NFL.