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Tennessee lineman trolls Jalen Hurts in Piesman speech

David Kenyon

Kyle Phillips is the 2018 winner of the Piesman Trophy, and the Tennessee defensive end couldn’t have done it without Alabama’s Jalen Hurts.

During his acceptance speech, Phillips thanked award presenter SB Nation and his teammates. Then, he took a humorous shot at the Alabama quarterback.

Perfect. Just perfect.

SB Nation created the award, which is given annually to linemen doing something special with the ball in their hands. Phillips caught a deflected pass thrown by Hurts and broke four tackles on the way to a 27-yard return for a touchdown.

It was extremely impressive.

Alabama cruised to a 58-21 blowout win over Phillip and Tennessee, sure. Hurts’ heroics in the SEC Championship Game assured the Crimson Tide of a spot in the College Football Playoff, yes.

But Phillips won the Piesman. What’s really more important?