Teammates Call Drew Brees “Annoyingly Optimistic and Confident”

After the New Orleans Saints lost to the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, quarterback Drew Brees was heavily booed by fans. Afterwards, he had some comments to share (via ESPN).

I am annoyingly optimistic and confident, I’ve been told many times by teammates. And so, you know what? I’m gonna come right back out the next series, and if that throw’s there, you can be darn sure it’s getting thrown.

I would speculate that the optimism comes by default due to the fact that the Saints actually lead in their division with four wins over their struggling competition.

Certainly under more scrutiny this season, Brees seems to have the knack for late game-changing turnovers. So far this year, Brees has two lost fumbles and 10 interceptions, which ties for the second-most among his fellow quarterbacks.

Brees owned up to his own late-game errors.

There’s nobody who’s harder on themselves than me when some of those things happen where, Man, I know better, I can’t let that happen, it’s my job. I have that responsibility. And I also feel like I have the ability to bounce back from that. That is also my mentality.

If Brees and the Saints can turn things around and lock in a few more wins while other NFC South teams struggle, they’ll secure a spot in come playoff time. Heck, they might win that division with a losing record.