Tavon Austin has interesting take on his lack of big plays

Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Tavon Austin has struggled to make a consistent impact after the team selected him in the top 10 of the 2013 NFL Draft. This season has seen Austin put up 37 receptions for 316 yards for an average of under 10 yards per catch.

That’s not necessarily what the Rams had in mind when they traded up for him back in 2013. He was expected to be a big-play threat for an improved Rams offense.

Now three-plus seasons into his career, and we can pretty much conclude that Austin has failed in that regard. Though, he seems to be blaming others for his lack of big-play ability.

“Teams are not crazy,” Austin said, via the Los Angeles Daily News. “They definitely know what they’re doing, and they know the guys they want to take out of the game.”

Austin goes on to wonder aloud how he can be targeted 15 times in one game only to see the ball thrown in his direction twice the following game.

Normally, we would look at that and say a player is definitely being schemed against. That’s until we realize who the Rams are trotting out there at quarterback. Case Keenum has thrown nine touchdowns compared to 11 interceptions in eight starts this season. He’s leading one of the 10 worst passing offenses in the NFL.

In reality, the only player opposing defenses have to scheme against is running back Todd Gurley, who is having a miserable season primarily due to the team’s lack of success through the air.

We’re not too sure if Austin is sitting here blaming Keenum or simply does believe that defenses scheming against him is the primary reason for his lack of success. Either way, he seems to be losing his grasp on reality here a bit.