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Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ head coach wants team to stop relying on Tom Brady’s ‘heroics’ in 2022

Jason Burgos

Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Todd Bowles feels the team would be far better next season if they stopped waiting for star quarterback Tom Brady to steal victory from the jaws of defeat week in, and week out.

There is no denying how important Brady has been to every team he’s been on. Throughout much of his legendary career, he was often the best player on the New England Patriots and Buccaneers squads he led, and in 42 different cases, the 44-year-old rescued his teams from a loss with a fourth-quarter comeback win.

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However, new Buccaneers head coach Todd Bowles does not want to see that from his starting QB in 2022. Not just because he will be 45 years old and playing high-level football, but because he believes his team would be better off if they carry the winning load together instead of relying so much on Brady’s right arm to win games.

Todd Bowles thinks Tampa Bay Buccaneers would be a better by not relying on Tom Brady

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During a Monday appearance on the “Ira Kaufman Podcast,” Bowles proclaimed that the rest of the Bucs need to make Brady’s “job easier” next season and earn their keep.

“I think if everyone gets to the mindset of, ‘we need to make Tom’s job easier not him make our job easier,’ we’ll be a better team. If we don’t have to rely on the heroics, sort of speak, and everybody’s doing their job and earning their keep, we’ll be a better team … There was a few games that we shouldn’t have even been in. If we take care of our business that way, more of a team-like thing, we’ll be a better team.”

Todd Bowles on not relying on Tom Brady in ’22

Brady is a 15-time Pro-Bowler, including last season for the Bucs. After deciding to retire earlier his year, the NFL legend walked back his decision over a month later. However, there is a general assumption throughout the league that this season will be his last in the league.

  • Tom Brady age: 44 years and 330 days old