SWAT Team raids former CFB player’s home after threats against the Cowboys

Courtesy of Jeff Hanisch, USA Today Sports

As the Dallas Cowboys and the city of Arlington were hosting the 2018 NFL Draft last week, one former college football player apparently wasn’t happy with the theatrics.

Keyon Reed, a former linebacker at Tennessee Chattanooga, seemingly believed the Cowboys should have drafted him. Despite not playing in an organized game since 2012 and being 26 years old, the troubled young man aired frustration and threatened members of the Cowboys once he wasn’t selected.

According to TMZ Sports, said threats were taken so seriously that a SWAT Team in the local area raided Reed’s home.

Reed’s actions during this time could be considered pretty darn alarming, as the report details.

“When cops arrived to Reed’s home, Reed allegedly fessed up to making the threats — including telling Cowboys employees he was going to ‘f*** their wife’.┬áReed explained he was ‘frustrated they wouldn’t ‘show him the real money’ and sign him to a contract.”

Authorities ultimately concluded that Reed was not an imminent threat and decided against arresting the former small-school linebacker.