Super Bowl LIV prop bets show wild contrast between San Francisco, Kansas City

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

When football fans tune in for Super Bowl LIV, it will be a matchup between two very different plans of attack from the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs. As new data on Super Bowl LIV prop bets show, the contrast is just as different between fans betting on the game in each city.

A look at the most popular prop bets in San Francisco and Kansas City offers a fascinating comparison between the two cities. While both are making sure to get in on predicting the Super Bowl MVP, the similarities end there.

According to Bovada, bettors in San Francisco are focused on betting on the halftime show and are very interested in the event itself. Meanwhile, fans in Kansas City are focused entirely on the game.

  • San Francisco – Among the most popular bets are “Which of Shakira’s songs will be sung first?”, “Which of Jennifer Lopez’s songs will be sung first?” and “Which of these songs will be sung last?”
  • Kansas City – Fans are focused on prop bets related to the game. Total defense and special teams touchdowns by the Chiefs, total defense and special teams touchdowns by the 49ers and “Will any kick be returned for a touchdown” are among the most popular bets.

49ers fans certainly want to see their team win Super Bowl LIV, but it seems San Francisco might be just as happy if they nail their prop bets during the halftime show. Meanwhile, a loss on Sunday could be especially hard for football fans in Kansas City.

Super Bowl LIV is going to be one of the most exciting matchups in years. Whether fans are more excited about the event or the game, both should surpass expectations on Sunday.