Steve Kerr on LeBron James: Probably the best athlete ever

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr knows a thing or two about going up against LeBron James.

His Warriors met up King James in four consecutive Finals, winning three of them. Kerr also saw his injury-depleted team blown out by James and the Lakers Wednesday evening.

In talking about this generation’s best player, Kerr threw some amazing praise in James’ direction.

“Probably the best athlete to ever walk this planet.”

Those are stirring words from a guy who suited up with one Michael Jordan during his playing career.

There’s very little question that James is a top-five player in NBA history. Without getting into semantics, he could be ranked at one or five.

But we’re talking about athletes of all sports. Jim Thorpe. The Williams’ sisters in tennis. Jim Brown in football. Michael Phelps in the pool. Jesse Owens on the track. Pele playing soccer. The list goes on and on.

Either way, Kerr is out here giving James the best possible praise an athlete can receive.