It appears that Hall of Famer and current Golden State Warriors executive Jerry West has been hitting on some controversial themes around the NBA in recent days.

First, West told people exactly what he would do if he were LeBron James and being criticized to the extent the Cleveland Cavaliers forward is being criticized (more on that here).

West then told all the NBA old-timers who are throwing shade at the Golden State Warriors to “get over it.”

Apparently, ESPN personality Stephen A. Smith has taken exception to West’s popularity around Association circles. Not only that, the enigmatic figure called on the NBA to remove West from its logo.

“I have profound respect for Jerry West. I mean no disrespect by saying what I just said about him, Smith said on ESPN’s First Take. “I didn’t find anything wrong with what he just said. But I will tell you, he doesn’t deserve to be the NBA silhouette. The NBA needs to get with modern times.”

Smith went on to say that very few young people today even recognize who West is.

Well, those who have read up and followed the history of the NBA surely recognize an individual that earned nine NBA Finals appearances as a player and created a dynasty as an executive with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Sure there are more recognizable faces in the modern NBA. Michael Jordan comes to mind. Kobe Bryant comes to mind. So does Magic Johnson.

That’s not the issue here. While not directly criticizing West, Smith is saying that someone of his ilk doesn’t deserve to be the NBA’s logo.

That’s an absolutely absurd comment from someone who is known for making absurd comments. Dude has lost his marbles if he thinks West, like many who played during his era, doesn’t deserve to be the NBA logo.

It’s a narrow-minded approach not worthy of someone who is supposed to be an authority on the modern NBA.