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Stephen Curry wouldn’t go to White House, says team hasn’t talked about it

Jesse Reed
Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry addressed the question of whether he’d go to the White House if invited by the president for winning the NBA title.

The Golden State Warriors star point guard said that, as he’s noted in the past, he wouldn’t be inclined to go to the White House. He also confirmed that the team has yet to discuss the matter, which the Warriors made clear after an earlier report that the team had unanimously settled no not attending.

Curry made it clear that he and the Warriors would rather just soak in their championship run, rather than make decisions like that.

It’s totally understandable. The team has been through an arduous journey, playing 82 regular-season games and 17 playoff games since last fall. It’s time to simply enjoy the fruits of their labor, rather than make decisions that will make a huge political statement, one way or another.

That said, based on what Curry said about not wanting to go, it seems unlikely the Warriors will have a strong presence at the White House, if they are invited.