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WATCH: Stephen Curry counts his rings during NBA Finals Game 6

Andrew Buller-Russ

Stephen Curry keeps it real on the basketball court. But he also knows when he can gloat and enjoy being a simply fantastic basketball player, even if it might be a bit too early to pop the champagne.

On Thursday night, with his Golden State Warriors well ahead of the Boston Celtics, appearing on track to win the NBA Finals, Curry took a moment to celebrate despite it being just the third quarter.

Stephen Curry points to his ring finger four times

Curry came into the night already having three NBA Championship rings, from 2015, 2017, and 2018. With the Warriors up 3-2, needing just one more victory to cap off the series, Curry essentially said the win is already in the bag. Or in other words, give him his ring already.

As noted, it would be Curry’s fourth NBA Finals ring in his career, which he kindly reminds everyone who witnessed his act, pointing to his finger four times in the third quarter after yet another ridiculous Curry three-pointer.

Curry appears set to get his fourth ring, can he get his first Finals MVP of his illustrious career? First the Warriors need to close out in the fourth, which we’ve seen them struggle with in this series against the Celtics before.

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