Bad news for the rest of the NBA: Stephen Curry can actually see now

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

You probably won’t believe this at first, but Stephen Curry — arguably the greatest distance shooter in NBA history — has been playing the game with one arm tied behind his back, metaphorically speaking.

During an interview with Marcus Thompson of The Athletic, Curry divulged the secret behind his recent shooting surge.


“I started wearing contacts,” Curry said. “No, I’m serious. I had gotten so used to squinting for so long. It was just normal.”

Curry told Thompson he feels like he has new eyes now, which is just scary.

“It’s like the whole world has opened up,” he said.

Wait just one darn minute here.

Curry is a career 47.7 percent shooter from the floor, hits 43.6 percent from behind the arc and 90.4 percent of his free throws.

And he was doing all that while dealing with poor eyesight?

This is all great news for Curry and the Golden State Warriors. For the rest of the NBA, it’s a nightmare.