Stephen A. Smith thinks Mark Jackson deserves credit for Warriors’ 20-0 start

Steve Kerr

We’ve all heard Stephen A. Smith make some pretty weak arguments, but this one tops the list.

Speaking on his radio show, “The Stephen A. Smith Show,” the always-brash media personality went on a tirade about how neither Luke Walton nor Steve Kerr deserve any credit at all for the incredible 20-0 record of the Golden State Warriors this year. He seems mad that Walton won the NBA’s Coach of the Month award and wants everyone to know the reason why.

Check out the audio for the full rant.


“You gonna try and tell me that Luke Walton got something’ to do with Steph Curry pulling up from 30? You’re gonna try to tell me that’s playing calling when Steph Curry looks at Draymond Green standing to his right, litterally dribbles and jukes guys, goes to Draymond Green’s left, ignores Draymond Green, boogies on two dudes, goes back to his right, steps back, pulls up a three,” Smith yelled into the mic, “Oh, that’s great coaching by Luke Walton, ain’t it? That’s really touching! Really? Really? Do y’all know anything about basketball?”

Smith isn’t willing to give either Walton or Kerr a single shred of credit. He said both are “good people” but seems to truly believe the team’s success — both last year’s NBA title and this year’s absurdly beautiful start — is all due to coach Jackson, who was fired by the franchise in the summer of 2014.

Never mind that neither Golden State’s offense, nor Curry, started blossoming into the best in the league until after Jackson, who wasn’t then and never will be a top offensive coach, left town.

It wasn’t until Kerr came in with his fresh new approach that this team really took off and realized its full potential.

But don’t tell that to Smith, who still fumes about how Jackson still doesn’t have another head coaching job in the NBA. The whole thing is a conspiracy, man.

To be fair, Smith does have somewhat of a point in that it’s much easier to win when your team has the best shooter on the planet leading the charge. But at the same time, strategy matters, and so does chemistry. The Warriors were lacking in both departments under Jackson’s leadership. Not so much, anymore.

(h/t Deadspin)