Steelers team up with law enforcement, announce ‘Social Justice Initiative’

NFL teams and players are now starting to realize that teaming up with law enforcement will help eliminate a wedge that’s been created between those in the justice system and individuals negatively impacted by today’s injustice.

In announcing a partnership with the local Pittsburgh law enforcement entity, the Steelers are doing just that.

“We are pleased to join with our players on the Social Justice Initiative to help support important programs in our community,” Steelers President Art Rooney II said, via the team’s official website. “Our players have always been active in the community, and we received a strong response from our players in supporting these programs. I want to thank Ramon Foster, Cameron Heyward and Maurkice Pouncey for their leadership in helping identify important programs to support.”

Community activism also includes working with those in power to help enact change. It’s not all about protest and creating further division. Obviously, the Steelers recognize this.

This partnership also comes on the heels of the Pittsburgh community being devastated by a terrorist attack at a synagogue late last month that killed 11 people.

Sports teams have always had a major impact on their local communities. In doing this, the Steelers are not shying away from their responsibilities. They’re also helping local children improve their standing in the community.

“The Steelers have been a fabric of the Boys & Girls Club for so many years,” said Mike Hepler, President and CEO of the Boys & Girls Club of Western Pennsylvania. “They are doing it for all of the right reasons. It comes from the heart. It’s part of the culture of the Steelers. The people that benefit are the people we serve. They are making an investment in the lives of people in the community.”

It’s certainly time to give the Steelers credit for their big picture outlook.

Only when all sides come to the table to help a community can said community overcome the trials and tribulations it’s dealing with.