Steelers deny altercation between TE coach and Patriots fan

Pittsburgh Steelers tight ends coach James Daniel was allegedly spotted kicking a New England Patriots fan in the back of his leg and yelling at him on the way to the locker room in Thursday’s season opener.

Since the incident, the Steelers conducted their own investigation and they are denying that Daniel was involved in any such altercation (via ESPN):

“We have conducted an internal inquiry into the alleged incident involving Assistant Coach James Daniel at the Patriots stadium Thursday night,” Steelers president Art Rooney II said in a statement. “After interviews with Coach Daniel as well as other personnel who witnessed the alleged encounter, we find no corroboration that Coach Daniel was involved in any physical altercation with a fan.”

After the alleged incident, Daniel returned to the coaching booth where NFL security and the police were waiting to question him. When the coach was identified by witnesses and the police talked to him about controlling his behavior, Daniel reportedly started yelling at the officer.

Despite what witnesses claim to have seen, the Steelers support Daniel:

“Coach Daniel has worked as an assistant coach for the Steelers for the past 12 seasons,” Rooney said in the statement. “We have a high level of confidence in his character and are confident that any further investigation of this incident will reveal he was not part of any assault or misconduct involving a Patriots fan.”

According to league sources the NFL is also investigating the incident.