Starlin Castro Keeps Right Attitude for the Chicago Cubs

The 2014 MLB All-Star Game will be later today, as the top stars in each league take on one another with home-field advantage in the World Series on the line. While members of a team, these stars will be on display more as individuals than anything else this evening. 

In reality, modern MLB is much different from the game of the past. Players used to be more team oriented decades ago. Some of this had to do with the lack of free agency and control owners had, but it was less of an egocentric time for players. Sure you have the 2014 Oakland Athletics or even the Boston Red Sox last year. A bunch of unknowns or journeymen coming together as a team to accomplish a specific goal. But that’s an exception to the rule.

Chicago Cubs All-Star outfielder Starlin Castro, who has been subject to trade rumors over the past week, seems to take the old-school approach ( via CSN Chicago).

You know who I learned a lot from — Sori,” Castro said. “Sori’s the same guy. Always. I always hung out with him. And that’s the kind of thing that he told me: Nobody’s better than baseball. When you’re gone, baseball stays. If you’re a star, if you’re a great player, keep the same (attitude). Stay humble.

Castro was talking about former Cubs teammate Alfonso Soriano, who the New York Yankees released on Monday. While Soriano is on his last legs as a Major Leaguer, it appears he acted as a veteran influence for Castro early in his career.

It’s an important attitude to have, especially when a player is going through the transition from being an ordinary player to a star. For his part, Castro seems to have what it takes to lead a team, not just because of his talent, but due to the fact that he possesses this veteran-like attitude at just 24.

It’s rather impressive.

Photo: ESPN.com