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Sports world rejoices at big progress between MLB and players for 2020 season

Jesse Reed
MLB, Comerica Park
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

After weeks of strife and failed negotiations, MLB and the MLBPA have reportedly bridged the gap and are closing in on an agreement.

In other words, game on, people!

Jon Heyman of MLB Network was the first to break the news on Wednesday.

He had earlier reported that MLB commissioner Rob Manfred and players union chief Tony Clark “had what’s being called a productive meeting face to face in Arizona.”

After Heyman shared his tweet, other reporters provided a bit more context. Essentially, there is no “pending” agreement because the MLBPA just got MLB’s proposal.

Still, considering where we have been with all this the past few days this is some significant progress, indeed.

As news of this development between MLB and the players circulated on social media, the sports world collectively rejoiced.